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Tenzin Choegyal’s new solo album “Heart Strings”

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Tibet2Timbuk2’s lead vocalist Tenzin Choegyal has just released his long-awaited solo CD, “Heart Strings”.

“Music is like drifting clouds that fly freely over the man-made geographical borders in this infinite space of possibilities.”
– Tenzin Choegyal

Heart Strings is a biography through song, reflecting Tenzin Choegyal’s musical influences and collaborations across the continents. From songs recorded with children from the Tibetan Children’s Village where he grew up, to sophisticated arrangements with Western Classical String Ensemble and masters of Indian classical music, with Heart Strings Tenzin breaks new ground while keeping his Tibetan roots.

For more information, please visit:

Heart Strings is available through Perfect Potion stores and online at EthnoSuperLounge.


In other news, it’s been more than 6 years since Tibet2Timbuk2’s amazing album “Music Is Life” came out in 2008, and sales through outlets like iTunes have been falling below the point of sustainability. We’ve withdrawn the album from our digital distribution agent which was charging a yearly fee. We may yet put it out there when we get around to recording a new Tibet2Timbuk2 CD but for now, “Music is Life” is exclusively available through our partner website EthnoSuperLounge. If you haven’t got a copy you’re missing out!

Sat 28 Jun New Farm: Fundraising for Tibetan Education Fund

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We invite you to help us raise much needed funds for the Bumkhang Child Care Centre in Tibet.

DATE : Saturday 28th June 2014
TIME : 6:30pm until late
VENUE : Uniting Church In Australia
52 Merthyr Rd, New Farm
Entry $20
Children Entry is Free!

We hope that you, your family and friends will join us in this Celebration of Tibetan Culture, enjoy our cuisine, listen to acclaimed Tibetan Musican Tenzin Choegyal, Shen Flindell and Marcello Milani with their band Tibet2Timbuk2.
Baatarsukh Batasukh – Horse head fiddle with Mongolian overtone throat singing, moving between the extraordinary high, to the deep low vocal extremities of the human voice. The music has shamanic origins, celebrates life, nature and connections to horses and magic.
Join us for a very special Tibetan Circle Dance. Come along and have some fun while making a huge difference in the lives of these underprivileged kids inside Tibet.

Supper with Tibetan momo (home made Dumplings) will be served.
Please SHARE this event page with your friend and family
Thank you so much, see you there at the event.

Much Regards and Tashi Delek
Wanday and TEF team

for more info phone: 0422 720 542 or e-mail for more details.

Map of where Uniting Church Newfarm is:

“Music is Life” Tour – Tibet2Timbuk2 with Taro Terahara

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We’re very excited to have our old friend, bansuri master Taro Terahara coming to play with us again this summer. We’re putting together a great schedule covering the east coast from Noosa to Blue Mountains. More details soon so watch this space…

This event on Facebook Fri 23 Nov Doonan: Tibet2Timbuk2 with Taro – Home Concert  – DISCOUNT PRE-BOOKED TICKETS

This event on Facebook  Sat 24 Nov Chenrezig: Tibet2Timbuk2 with Taro Terahara

This event on Facebook  Fri 30 Nov Bellingen: Tibet2Timbuk2 with Taro Terahara

This event on Facebook  Sat 1 Dec Wauchope: Tibet2Timbuk2 with Taro Terahara

This event on Facebook  Sun 2 Dec Blue Mountains: Tibet2Timbuk2 with Taro Terahara

This event on Facebook  Fri 7 Dec Gold Coast: Tibet2Timbuk2 with Taro Terahara

This event on Facebook  Sat 8 Dec Nimbin: Tibet2Timbuk2 with Taro Terahara – DISCOUNT PRE-BOOKED TICKETS

This event on Facebook  Sun 9 Dec Ocean Shores: Tibet2Timbuk2 with Taro Terahara

CWON Benefit in Coffs Harbour

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Tibet2Timbuk2 recently had a show helping to raise funds for CWON (Child Welfare Organization of Nepal) at a concert in Coffs Harbour. On the drive down Tenzin asked Shen’s wife Yuki Taniguchi Flindell if she would join us for a couple of songs, which turned out beautifully! Yuki opened the show with a short mantra and lovely bhajan, then joined us for Crane Song, Tso Marpo and the finale Aum Mani Padme Hum. In the process we helped to raise $2000 for Nepali kids, and we were then treated to a fun party by the CWON crew.  Many thanks to Calida Neal and her father Neville Neal for bringing us down to Coffs Harbour.

Tibet2Timbuk2 with Yuki Taniguchi Flindell
Shen did a short tabla demonstration with my usual finale – “Rabbit, Deer, Lion”

Tibet2Timbuk2 with Sulagna Basu in Noosa

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This weekend Tibet2Timbuk2 had a double header on the Sunshine Coast, with an afternoon concert at one of our favourite venues, Crystal Waters Eco-Village, followed by an evening concert in Noosa Pengari Steiner School. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the afternoon concert, but here are some from the evening. Thanks to organiser Jalberto Maldonado of Timbeao Planet and to special guest artist Sulagna Basu.

Sulagna Basu opened the evening with a variety of classical, semi-classical and folk songs, accompanied on tabla by Shen.

We concluded the first half of the programme with a tabla duet between Shen and his senior student, Sulagna’s son Tito Basu, which got a very good audience response.

Tibet2Timbuk2 were joined by special guest Sulagna Basu on vocals in “Crane Song”

Sulagna performed some Kathak dance with us on “Tso Marpo”

Tibet2Timbuk2 at Powerhouse with IJIMP

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On the winter solstice (June 21), Tibet2Timbuk2 had a show at Brisbane Powerhouse, organised by BEMAC as part of their “Planet” series of concerts. This concert was titled “Focus on Fusion” and also featuring Indo-Japanese Improvised Music Project (IJIMP). This was our first show in Brisbane since before my trip to India in Japan starting in February, and we’re not sure when the next Brisbane show will be…? Maybe December or January when special guest Taro Terahara (bansuri) will be in town.

IJIMP – Takako Nishiburi (koto), Carl Rathus (shakuhachi), Ravikesh Singh (tabla)

Tibet2Timbuk2 with special guest Nicholas Ng (erhu)

Festival of Tibet 2012

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On Sat 4 Feb Tibet2Timbuk2 gave two performances at the annual Festival of Tibet in Brisbane Powerhouse. We were joined for both concerts by special guests Peter Hunt (trumpet) and Katherine Philp (cello).

The first performance was a free show on the Turbine Platform as part of BEMAC’s Planet Series of monthly world music concerts at the Powerhouse. The platform was packed as were the two levels of balconies above the platform! Fantastic response.
In the second concert, in the Visy Theatre, we provided musical accompaniment along with the Tashi Lhunpo Monks for a spoken word performance by Tibetan activist and writer Tenzin Tsundue. In the 90 minute show he talked about his experiences as a Tibetan in exile growing up in India, believing in the cause of Free Tibet, walking to Tibet over the Chinese border, being interrogated in jail in Lhasa and later in an Indian jail when marching to the border at the time of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It was a very powerful performance and a great honour and experience for us to be part of.
Many thanks to Tenzin Choegyal for organising this fantastic yearly festival and creating such interesting projects. Thanks also to Carolyn Stubbin of Perfect Potion (main festival sponsors) for these lovely photos.

Katherine Philp – cello

On tour with Taro Terahara

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This summer we were lucky to have our old friend, bansuri master Taro Terahara returning to Australia, this time with his wife Yuriko. (Click here for an index of blogs on Taro’s previous Australian tours.)  Taro and Shen kicked off the tour with a couple of classical shows, which you can read about on Shen’s blog, before being joined by Tibet2Timbuk2  for a concert in the splendid gompa at Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Community, on the anniversary of HH the Dalai Lama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tibet2Timbuk2 with special guest Taro Terahara, at Chenrezig Gompa.
Many thanks to Yuriko for the following videos of the concert:
And thanks to Lesley for the following videos of the concert:
For Taro’s second weekend in Australia this summer, we had a 3 stop tour of NSW. We were hosted in Bellingen by Roots Records, who were celebrating their 1st birthday. Then the Wauchope Arts Council welcomed us back after our show there in January, and we closed out the weekend with an afternoon show at Sphinx Rock Cafe near Mt Burrell, NNSW.

Tenzin and Shen have toured Japan with Taro a couple of times now, but this was our first chance to have both Marcello and Taro playing together for a series of really good shows. The chemistry that developed was really fantastic, and these were some brilliant concerts. (Here’s a review of the Bellingen show.)

Sphinx Rock Cafe:

This is a U-Stream (live internet stream) archive of our Sphinx Rock Cafe concert. The sound is not the best!

Concert review: T2T2 @ Bellingen 16/12/2011

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 Tibet2Timbuk2 – Concert review

by ALBE posted on JANUARY 15, 2012 

The small crowd gathered in the foyer of the Bellingen Theatre, beneath photographs of Tibet and Timbuktu and images of the Dogon people, from Mali in North Africa. The watching eye of a golden Buddha head, Tibetan flags and homemade pastries helped set the scene for a night of transcendental music by classical Japanese flautist, Taro Terahara, and the fusion of Tibetan and North African rhythms from the band Tibet2Timbukt2.

The opening mantra from the exquisite voice of Yuki Tasogare, who played the tambura, along with Shen Flindell on tabla, formed a beautiful and unforgettable introduction to the evening. Her classical mantra set the tone for what was to become, not so much a performance by highly talented artists, but more a meditation that would be remembered long after the evening finished.

tibet2timbuk2 in concert, bellingen

Following Tasogare’s delicate subtle chanting, classical flautist Taro Terahara performed what surely was one of the longest flute recitals of all time, producing a melodic and haunting sound that echoed to the deepest reaches of the mind. Taro has had many years of yoga training, which enables him to play the flute with such precision and beauty. His recital required a deep concentration on the breath – only a yogi with years of training and meditation could hold notes to such a degree of perfection. The ebb and flow of his breath and the sounds that followed transported the audience to a place beyond their normal day to day ponderings – to a state of deep meditation – where the mind resonates to the sounds of other worlds, far beyond the mountains of Tibet.

An intermission of chai and sweet chocolate macadamia brownies brought everyone back to earth, accompanied by an on-screen display of wonderful images of the Sahara Desert, the Dogon people in Mali and the sacred Mount Kailas in Tibet. When we resumed our seats, the performance of Tibet2Timbuktu2 began with a fusion of the best music from both worlds.

Exhibition, Bellingen concert

The band members Tenzin Choegyal, Marcello Milani, Shen Findell and Taro Terahara were in perfect harmony with each other, joking in a relaxed way about Karma and Lamas. Tenzing Choegyal, the lead singer, sang with such control and strength it was as if he was calling the spirit of Tibet into our presence. His voice was powerful and vibrant. In a spontaneous moment, Shen Findell, the tabla player, suggested to Tensing Choegyal that he might like to perform a tune he did some years ago in Japan, when he first met Taro Terahara. At first he seemed a little confused, as though he wasn’t sure – then, in a precise moment, he had the flute to his lips; for around 10 seconds, in absolute silence from the stage and audience, with one deep breath he sounded a note of such high key and beauty that he instantly transported everyone to a heightened state. It was almost as if Tenzin Choegyal was channelling this music from a master flautist somewhere in the mountains of Tibet. Along with the classical sound of Taro Terahara, they formed what was, for most in the audience, an exceptional musical experience. This unrehearsed flute recital was the highlight of the performance and, I’m sure, redefined the concept of flute music for an appreciative audience.

The evening ended with a Tibetan chant. The audience were asked to join in with the words “OM MANI PADME OM” – “the jewel in the lotus”. Softly they began the mantra, sounding it over and over, ending the show on a blissful note. An evening not to be forgotten.
The Awakened Heart cd cover  The Awakened Heart disc

Crystal Waters: Fri 14 Oct Tibet2Timbuk2 with Nicholas Ng

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Crystal Waters is proud to present the amazing music of Tibet2Timbuk2 with special guest Nicholas Ng (erhu). If you have never been to one of our wonderful outdoor concerts this is the one to catch.

Friday 14th October
Crystal Waters Eco Village
$20 – kids free and welcome
7pm til late

Rollicking Tibetan folk, afro-reggae guitar grooves and intricate Indian tabla… Sounds as if they were made for each other! Together, Tenzin Choegyal, Marcello Milani and Shen Flindell create a new joyful sound that transcends cultural boundaries.

“This is a combination of Africa, India and Tibet, that, for all its unlikeliness, has resulted in a musical masterpiece.” (Mike Raine, Indie-CDs)

Tibet2Timbuk2 has an eclectic repertoire resulting in an overall sound which is full and organic. All three musicians share melody, harmony, bass and percussion roles to create a solid yet easy groove.


 Dr Nicholas Ng (b. 1979) composes both contemporary classical and commercial music. As a performer, Nicholas plays the erhu (Chinese ‘violin’) for multicultural performances, multimedia artwork, theatre, dance and meditation. In 2008, Nicholas completed a PhD in composition and ethnomusicology with Prof. Larry Sitsky and Dr. Stephen Wild at the ANU School of Music, where he wrote a 50-minute chamber opera, Eclipse. He is now researching, composing and performing as a newly appointed Research Fellow at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University and recently curated a 4-day festival Encounters: Musical meetings between Australia and China Encounters ..

Fascinated by the human voice, Nicholas is especially eager to combine voice with instrumental forces in innovative ways while marrying the ancient and modern through the use of traditional instruments and electronic sound.