Acclaimed Tibetan world music fusion band Tibet2Timbuk2 are releasing a limited edition EP entitled “Gone Beyond” for the festive season, in advance of their long-awaited full length album to be launched at Festival of Tibet in April 2019.

“Gone Beyond” is also the title of a beautiful bonus track which will never be released in any format after this EP.

“Gone Beyond” is a very special collector’s item for all true fans of Tenzin Choegyal and Tibet2Timbuk2.

The EP cover art is kindly provided by amazing Tibetan contemporary artist¬†Karma Phuntsok, which makes the “Gone Beyond” EP even more special.

Pre-ordered EPs are expected to be posted on Monday December 24th.


1. Apo Gaga (4:15)
There are thousands of children who have come into exile leaving their parents back home in Tibet. Most of them haven’t heard their childhood pet name that their parents use to call them by. One such pet name is “Apo Gaga”, a childhood name given to HH the 17th Karmapa Lama by his parents. Karmapa has been in exile since 1999 and hasn’t seen his parents who are back in Tibet since.

2. Dzomo (5:03)
A song inspired by Dzomo, the mother yak. I wanted to pay homage to all the amazing mothers who give the nourishment of life.

3. Beautiful Day (4:03)
And this too shall pass.

4. Highland Yaks (3:48)
Bansuri and viola become whistle and fiddle to add a Celtic lilt to this purely instrumental track.

5. BONUS TRACK: Gone Beyond (5:16)
One of my favourite Sutras – “Gate Gate, Pare Gate, Para Sum Gate, Bodhiye Soha”. Gone gone, Gone beyond, Gone father beyond, So be it!!


Tenzin Choegyal – vocal, dranyen
Marcello Milani – guitar, vocal (3), percussion (1)
Shen Flindell – tabla, backing vocal (3), percussion (1, 3)
Richard Grantham – viola (1-4), percussion (1), alto flute (5)
Taro Terahara – bansuri (2-4)
Sangeet Mishra – sarangi (2)

Cover art by Karma Phuntsok
Band photo by Michael Murchie
Recording, mixing and mastering by Marcello Milani

© 2018 Tibet2Timbuk2