Tibet2Timbuk2’s lead vocalist Tenzin Choegyal has just released his long-awaited solo CD, “Heart Strings”.

“Music is like drifting clouds that fly freely over the man-made geographical borders in this infinite space of possibilities.”
– Tenzin Choegyal

Heart Strings is a biography through song, reflecting Tenzin Choegyal’s musical influences and collaborations across the continents. From songs recorded with children from the Tibetan Children’s Village where he grew up, to sophisticated arrangements with Western Classical String Ensemble and masters of Indian classical music, with Heart Strings Tenzin breaks new ground while keeping his Tibetan roots.

For more information, please visit: www.tenzinchoegyal.com

Heart Strings is available through Perfect Potion stores and online at EthnoSuperLounge.


In other news, it’s been more than 6 years since Tibet2Timbuk2’s amazing album “Music Is Life” came out in 2008, and sales through outlets like iTunes have been falling below the point of sustainability. We’ve withdrawn the album from our digital distribution agent which was charging a yearly fee. We may yet put it out there when we get around to recording a new Tibet2Timbuk2 CD but for now, “Music is Life” is exclusively available through our partner website EthnoSuperLounge. If you haven’t got a copy you’re missing out!