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Taro Terahara

Posted by on 28 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Guest Artists

Taro Terahara - bansuri Taro Terahara is one of the leading musicians in the thriving and highly competitive Indian classical music scene in Japan. His beautiful bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) soars, swoops and transports listeners to realms of pure sound, both engaging the mind and touching the heart. He first appeared in Tibet2Timbuk2 as a guest artist on his first ever Australian tour in 2006, where he was also one of the hits of the Woodford Folk Festival with his wonderful Indian classical bansuri, including the New Year’s Dawn Hilltop Concert.

Sangeet Mishra

Posted by on 28 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Guest Artists

Maestro Sangeet Mishra is a talented musician and capable exponent of Indian music in the Benaras tradition. Sangeet comes from a long line of sarangi masters from India’s holiest city, Varanasi, and has performed with leading artists in India and around the world.

He first learned to play sarangi from his father Pandit Santosh Mishra, received advanced training from his grandfathers Maestro Bhagwan Das and Maestro Narayan Das Mishra and was considered by his seniors and gurus to be a child prodigy. “I wanted to learn Tabla but my father encouraged me to play sarangi. And today, I see how right he was” he recalls.

Sangeet has endeavoured to revive ancient musical styles by acquiring both the tantrakari and gayaki forms of playing the sarangi. An innovative musician, he also successfully employs a contemporary approach to playing the sarangi without compromising its traditional purity and essence and is at ease playing styles ranging from the nuances of pure classical Indian to modern contemporary music.

Presently based in the city of Mumbai, Pt. Sangeet maintains a busy schedule as a professional musician and has performed on numerous musical platforms both in India and overseas. Apart from performing in prestigious Indian festivals such as Sawai Gandharwa (Pune) and Sangeet Natak Academy, he has performed in the India Festival (Japan), Woodstack Festival (Poland), Royal Theatre (Australia) and for movies in Hollywood (Saint Dracula) and Bollywood.

A highly versatile performer, Sangeet has collaborated worldwide with musicians from various genres and styles to create a new musical language. He feels fortunate to have accompanied vocalists including Smt. Girija Devi, Pt. Channulal Mishra, Miahra bandhu, Ustad Raza Ali Khan, and many well-known dancers including Padmashree Vidushi Sitara Devi, Padmavibhushan and Pt. Birju Maharaj.

When asked, what it is like accompanying other artists he said, “I am so blessed. … You not only learn to play and to be careful and ready to improvise on stage but also how to be a true artist”, adding, “…artists like Pt. Birju Maharaj and Sitara Devi are like saints. They are so down to earth though so high in their art.”

Peter Hunt

Posted by on 28 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Guest Artists

Peter HuntPeter Hunt is a singer, trumpet player and composer. He often plays by the river and on the street raising his point of view to and through one of song and dance. He harmonises with a diversity of musicians and has a gift for translating feeling into melody. He writes and plays with jazz-reggae groups kooii and ruby blue.

Peter plays trumpet on 3 tracks on “Music is Life”Lotus Born, Little Things and Dawey Wola.

Menaka Visvanathan

Posted by on 29 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Guest Artists

Menaka VisvanathanMenaka Visvanathan is a young local artiste who started learning classical Indian music from a tender age of 5 in the Sri Krishna Music Academy in Brisbane under the tutelage of her mother and principal of the school, Mrs. Vijaya Visvanathan. Through the music her mother has imparted to her, Menaka has experienced the beauty of divine love and surrender and endeavours to share these experiences with others through her vocal music. Menaka is also an exponent of Bharata- Natyam, or south Indian classical dance, graduating from this divine art in 2004. She has sung and danced at many community events, including Woodford Folk Festival, Sacred Music Festival, numerous charity events and has collaborated with many artistes, including Tenzin Choegyal.

Menaka has performed with Tibet2Timbuk2 on numerous occasions, notably at the CD Launch of “Music is Life” at Brisbane Powerhouse, 15th November 2008.