“…not so much a performance by highly talented artists, but more a meditation that would be remembered long after the evening finished…  The band members Tenzin Choegyal, Marcello Milani, Shen Flindell and Taro Terahara were in perfect harmony with each other, joking in a relaxed way about Karma and Lamas. Tenzin Choegyal, the lead singer, sang with such control and strength it was as if he was calling the spirit of Tibet into our presence. His voice was powerful and vibrant…  An evening not to be forgotten.” (Albert Falzon, The Daily Lama, concert review Bellingen Jan 2012)

“One of the most astonishing things about “Music is Life” is the fundamental simplicity of the parts played by, in particular, the guitar and dranyen. Mostly uncomplicated and repeated phrases, they nevertheless combine with the tabla to produce an extraordinarily interesting and detailed sound that is intensely hypnotic and enchanting. This is a combination of Africa, India and Tibet, that, for all its unlikeliness, has resulted in a musical masterpiece.” (Mike Raine,Indie-CDs CD review 2009)

“This album is a masterpiece. A joyous fusion of the sounds of India, Tibet and Africa, it is beautifully produced, technically superb and yet honest and unpretentious. Uplifting tabla, bansuri, guitar, kora, flute, trumpet and voice come together in a glorious soundscape from haunting mountain flute to danceable afrobeat. Fusion at its best.” (Amazon MP3 review, Sep 2010)

“…an incredible band called Tibet2Timbuk2…  I’m absolutely in love with this entire album, please get yourself to tibet2timbuk2.com and check out the album.  This is spectacular, this album is absolutely amazing, it cheers me up, it makes me feel wicked and I cannot promote this strongly enough for you guys.” (Queerninja, music review podcast May 2009)